Kudi Designs and Sewing School

We offer training and learning for all who want opportunities in the fashion industry. Our aim is to develop the entrepreneurial skills of any interested person so they can commence their own business and organizations based on the afforded training and learning opportunities. This is especially so of our Sewing School. Graduates from this school can immediately commence a cottage industry.

Kudi Designs and Sewing School also known as Kudi Designs is a professional clothing business and training school which has been in the industry since 2002 though the business was formally incorporated in 2005. Kudi Designs is in business to improve and add value to the economy of South Africa through effective and efficient production of the products and services offered by the business and through job opportunities that will be created as the business operates. This business services a wide range of clients and customers and the demand for the business products is very high due to the quality of our products and our excellent customer service. Kudi Designs produces corporate clothing, clothing for government department employees e.g. Hospital uniforms and school uniforms for various schools. Kudi Designs also offers training services through its Sewing School. This is to provide skills that can easily be converted into business opportunities. Graduates from this school can immediately begin their own cottage industry. The Sewing School is skills based and practical. This is a competitive advantage of the sewing school, because graduates can cut without patterns.

The Business has two branches in the Gauteng province which are;
1). The Fashion House – specializes in Clothing manufacturing and retailing.
2) The Sewing School – providing top notch training and sewing courses which are skills based and focused (as opposed to theoretical). This course will enable a graduate to immediately commence their own cottage industry.

We are more than just an ordinary Fashion House and Sewing School

The Fashion Industry is a very profitable industry generically on the basis that clothing is a basic need. This coupled with our excellent customer service and specialized products guarantees an unlimited potential for success.
Kudi Design Fashion House product range comprises school uniforms, traditional African designer wear, bridal wear, corporate clothing, men's wear and kids wear. We target both private and government sectors for our products more especially corporate clothing and school uniforms.
We satisfy the needs of customers in this market who seek fashionable and high-quality clothes and entrepreneurial opportunities in the form of the sewing school. We satisfy this need by employing top notch and reputable training personnel for our training and sewing school and ordering our clothing material and inputs from suppliers who offer the best quality products at reasonable prices. We also satisfy this need by employing experienced and professional staff. Distinguishing characteristics of our business are good looking clothes made from high quality fabric of different types and the quality of our graduates who are easily employable and can immediately start their own businesses.

The Key to Success of our business

Our business success is largely a result of superior products and our ability to deliver best customer service. The key success factors that can be identified as being particularly important in our business are:

What really sets us apart from our competitors is the excellence of our customer service, product quality and our competitive pricing.